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Garage suspended me due to a police report as I'm a new driver, plz HELP...
Hi, As a new driver I'm sharing my unexpected situation regarding my job. I've just started my yellow taxi driving just more than a month with a garage. While I went their first time, they just took my information and welcomed me to drive their taxi. And it was really horrible waiting and insecure to get the car.Anyway last week in saturday night when I was making a right turn in downtown, a young guy (not sure drunk or not) come suddenly front of my cab and as I was turning, I could stop the car infront of him in last moment. But same time hi also trying to save him and through his hand in-front of my car. Although it was not my fault I apologized to him, but he was so crazy and called police. The police believe him and made report as I hit his left hand(finger). I was got so upset about those ignorable issue, but I got so stupid when I submit my report to my garage, they just suspend me even their were no damage of car. They just told me as I'm a new driver and made this accident, so I can't drive anymore with them. Now I'm just jobless with my family and fighting for survive.This was the first time for me to face or talk with the police and this accident issue, I don't have any idea how can a garage can suspend me without any notice, or how this accident issue will effect me to drive the car or cab next time. Please advise.

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Re: Garage suspended me due to a police report as I'm a new driver, plz HELP...
First, a heartfelt, thought to you...Certainly,I am reminded of the sacrifices, commitment, and financial giving necessary to obtain a license.But, to maintain it.... Well, they didn't teach that in school. Nor for the first two years of driving would anyone admit, that they have been bambozzled...Bambozzled is another way of say, hum, can't find any nice words for it.There are so many Transportation opportunities available. TLC drivers.