05/05/2017 Camary 2011 with AD serie
Makeup Year: 2011
Mileage: 290,000
Price($): $8,000.00 Contact: 9089229600
Description: 2011 Hybrid Green taxi AF permit good for next 3 years just renewed. Car in excellent condition new battery and engine.
04/29/2017 Toyota Sienna
Makeup Year: 2014
Mileage: 70,000
Price($): $15,000.00 Contact: 3477712827
Description: This car is ready and running as a Green cab with A series permit. Also it's a Wheel chair accessiable.
04/28/2017 Toyota Prius
Makeup Year: 2011
Mileage: 108,000
Price($): $9,500.00 Contact: 3474604485
Description: **Serious inquiries only*** Selling AE series permit renewed for next 3 years good until October 2019 with 2011 Toyota prius with 108,000 miles runs like new well maintained excellent side income $400 Per week in rent monthly income of $1600 and insurance with two drivers @$520 monthly moving to other type of business requiring full attention. You no longer need a TLC license to Own Green cab. ASKING $9,500 NEGOTIABLE Cell Phone: 3474604485
04/25/2017 Toyota Sinne
Makeup Year: 2014
Mileage: 130,000
Price($): $9,000.00 Contact: 3472826093
Description: I have 2014 Toyota Siena with wheelchair was yellow cab and now i do not need and want to sell it for $9,000.00. Car is in good condition with never been in accident with 130,000 miles and ready for re hook. Thanks
04/24/2017 Toyota Camery (Hybrid)
Makeup Year: 2014
Mileage: 107,000
Price($): $13,500.00 Contact: 9175365400
Description: I am selling with Permit. Permit # AE149
04/24/2017 ford escape hybrid 2012
Makeup Year: 2012
Mileage: 375,000
Price($): $7,500.00 Contact: 9176811734
Description: green cab for sale good condition AF permit just renew for three years please contact for more info
04/16/2017 ford escape hybrid
Makeup Year: 2010
Mileage: 400,000
Price($): $8,000.00 Contact: 9174983049
Description: 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid with the A series permit already renewed till 2019. Car is in excellent condition.Only serious buyers please. Price is negotiable
04/09/2017 Ford Fusion +(AE***)
Makeup Year: 2011
Mileage: 127,000
Price($): $8,500.00 Contact: 9292163076
Description: Car in good condition was last inspected on January 2017 its has 127k comes with camera no need for a partition (4cylinder) and first group permit (AE)
04/07/2017 Ford Escape Hybrid
Makeup Year: 2008
Mileage: 206,000
Price($): $7,000.00 Contact: 3475569649
Description: Last inspected January car is in excellent condition and all maintenance work was done on time. Currently located in queens and is being driven. Car for sale with permit
04/04/2017 2008 Toyota prius
Makeup Year: 2008
Mileage: 190,000
Price($): $5,900.00 Contact: 908 380-7904
Description: 2008 Toyota Prius with AD permit for sale. Next permit renewal 10/2019. Registration expires in 12/2017.