Job title: Looking to interview a veteran yellow cab driver
Date Posted: 05/14/2019
Company Name: The Daily Telegraph
Requirement: Just be a nice person with a great personality!
Details: Hi there,My name is Jane Thomson, I'm a Video Producer with the Daily Telegraph in Sydney, Australia and here spending time working in our New York offices for a week.While I'm here, I'd like to film an interview with a long standing NY city cab driver, primarily to discuss how the city has changed over the years, the ups and downs, and, how the introduced of app based services have affected your industry. I'd really like to provide a voice for what I understand has been a tough time and provide a personal insight into how dedicated the cab drivers are here in the city.It wouldn't take long, just a quick interview and drive through the city - let me know if anyone out there is keen to get their voice out there and fits the criteria, let me know and I'll get in touch.Hope to hear from someone soon!BestJane Thomson