Job title: Seeking Yellow Cab & Immigrant Driver for TV shoot 09.18.15
Date Posted: 08/21/2015
Company Name: KBS (Korean Broadcasting System)
Contact: Hannah
Requirement: Yellow Cab, Immigrant Driver
Details: We are shooting a TV documentary in NYC on Sept 18th Friday. We’re looking to film in a yellow cab for about 30 minutes during the day (around 12:00), in Manhattan. Seeking a yellow cab plus driver, the driver has to be an immigrant.We would film 1 person (program host) talking to the camera and the driver during the ride. There’ll be 1 cameraman, filming the host mostly, but the driver will be filmed and may appear on the program too. We also hope to attach a GoPro (small camera) on the top of the car during the ride. No division between the front and back seat will be ideal but not necessary. Pay is $60 (negotiable). Please email if interested.