Job title: Taxi Drivers for APP beta testers
Date Posted: 05/13/2015
Company Name: Mobile Now
Requirement: Looking for 10-20 taxi drivers
Details: Hi,We are the young HK startup which just release an app called “Paxifi” dedicated to cab drivers.Paxifi is an app and Internet platform, which enables drivers to make extra money during their work time. Passengers have different needs, such as water, charger, umbrella, local gifts... In this situation, consumers can buy those things on the way to the destination without effort. Moreover, taxi drivers could earn more incomes during their working time. This could make all those hours behind the wheel more profitable. As this app is at the beginning stage, we are looking for some beta testers to help us to improve our current version. Of course the app and setting up an account is totally free, our goal is really get a group of users starting to test, use and feedback us to make this experience better. Here you can find our recent newsletter introducing Paxifi, including detailed information and a video to explain what is Paxifi: our website: you are interested in using new app for making extra money during a ride, please do no heisitate to contact us.