List new lost/found property
 Property TitleLocationDate Posted
LostpurseManhattan2/22/2017 2:43:00 PM
LostpurseManhattan2/22/2017 2:43:00 PM
LostCar Keys - PriusQuens2/22/2017 11:14:00 AM
LostCar Keys - PriusManhattan2/22/2017 11:14:00 AM
LostCar Keys - PriusQuens2/22/2017 11:13:00 AM
LostBlack Michael Kors PurseManhattan2/21/2017 9:27:00 PM
LostBlack BackpackBrooklyn2/21/2017 7:48:00 PM
LostBlack BackpackBrooklyn2/21/2017 7:47:00 PM
LostWallet/CardholderManhattan2/21/2017 3:07:00 PM
Lostcredit cardManhattan2/19/2017 4:01:00 PM
LostWalker (large pink carabiner attached)Manhattan2/19/2017 1:56:00 PM
LostBlack and pink gym bag with Kate spade handbag and glasses and make up inside Manhattan2/19/2017 1:07:00 PM
LostWallet For Nhu TrinhManhattan2/19/2017 12:26:00 PM
LostBlack Kate spade wallet Manhattan2/18/2017 8:13:00 PM
LostSuitcase left in the trunk of a Ford Escape at noonManhattan2/17/2017 10:14:00 AM
LostSuitcase left in the trunk of a Ford Escape at noonManhattan2/17/2017 10:14:00 AM
LostCredit card and IDManhattan2/17/2017 6:54:00 AM
LostReward for AndroidManhattan2/17/2017 4:36:00 AM
Lostblack bag with wallet, NH driver's license, credit cards, glassesManhattan2/16/2017 9:57:00 AM
LostThinkpad laptop in a black laptop bagBrooklyn2/15/2017 9:06:00 PM
LostOne touch diabetes meterManhattan2/15/2017 5:40:00 PM
LostSennheiser wireless headphones - black Quens2/15/2017 2:06:00 PM
LostSennheiser wireless headphones - black Manhattan2/15/2017 2:03:00 PM
LostSamsung Galaxy S7Manhattan2/14/2017 4:07:00 PM
LostSamsung Galaxy S7Manhattan2/14/2017 4:06:00 PM
LostInsulin/glucometer kitManhattan2/14/2017 8:53:00 AM
Lostiphone 5sManhattan2/13/2017 1:59:00 PM
Lostiphone 5c marble caseManhattan2/13/2017 9:51:00 AM
LostBlack work bag with Lenovo lap top and lap top charger Manhattan2/12/2017 6:15:00 PM
LostiPhone 7 BlackManhattan2/12/2017 4:51:00 PM
LostCanvass shoulder bagManhattan2/12/2017 11:40:00 AM
LostCanvass shoulder bagManhattan2/12/2017 11:36:00 AM
LostGrey backpack New jersey2/12/2017 8:09:00 AM
LostSet of Keys.Manhattan2/11/2017 7:19:00 PM
LostSet of Keys.Manhattan2/11/2017 7:17:00 PM
LostMichael Jordan BackpackManhattan2/11/2017 6:15:00 PM
LostBrown Leather Laptop BagManhattan2/11/2017 6:13:00 PM
LostBrown WallettManhattan2/11/2017 5:17:00 PM
LostWallet Mauricio Ruiz Manhattan2/11/2017 2:21:00 PM
LostWallet Mauricio Ruiz Manhattan2/11/2017 2:20:00 PM
LostIphobe 6sManhattan2/11/2017 10:31:00 AM
Lostiphone 6s Manhattan2/11/2017 8:10:00 AM
Lostwallet with ID, Credit cart, etcManhattan2/11/2017 12:02:00 AM
LostBlack ski glovesQuens2/10/2017 3:20:00 PM
LostMac Mini TabletManhattan2/8/2017 6:54:00 AM
LostWalletQuens2/7/2017 5:41:00 PM
LostRed jansport backpackBrooklyn2/7/2017 4:16:00 PM
LostPlastic Bag with Verizon box and ShampooManhattan2/6/2017 9:07:00 AM
Lostkey ring and pouchManhattan2/6/2017 12:34:00 AM
LostWalletManhattan2/5/2017 10:04:00 AM
LostIphone 6Quens2/4/2017 1:42:00 PM
LostRed Kate Spade Wallet with cards + IDManhattan2/4/2017 12:48:00 PM
Losta pair of eye glasses and caseManhattan2/3/2017 1:44:00 PM
LostwalletManhattan2/2/2017 8:15:00 PM
LostThe special triangular scarf/headscarf with brownish-red flower design and bottom spatteringManhattan2/2/2017 12:26:00 PM
LostLost sunglassesManhattan2/2/2017 6:52:00 AM
LostiPhone 7 black Manhattan2/1/2017 10:45:00 AM
LostiPhone 7 black Manhattan2/1/2017 10:45:00 AM
LostHandbag briefcaseManhattan1/31/2017 6:33:00 PM
LostiPhone 5 black/space grey without coverManhattan1/31/2017 2:45:00 PM
LostBlack Bucket BagManhattan1/30/2017 11:56:00 AM
LostDrivers License and a Credit cardManhattan1/29/2017 8:18:00 PM
LostApple iPhone 7 Plus (Black)Manhattan1/29/2017 7:38:00 PM
LostKate spade plum walletManhattan1/29/2017 5:31:00 PM
LostIPhone 7 black with clear caseManhattan1/29/2017 2:33:00 PM
LostBlack leather wallet Manhattan1/29/2017 12:05:00 PM
LostKATE SPADE PURSEManhattan1/29/2017 10:45:00 AM
LostBlack Incase backpack and black Everest dufflebagManhattan1/28/2017 6:12:00 AM
LostWalletManhattan1/27/2017 9:24:00 PM
LostSuit caseManhattan1/27/2017 7:15:00 AM
LostComputer bagManhattan1/27/2017 2:54:00 AM
LostBarclays Duffle BagManhattan1/26/2017 10:20:00 AM
LostLost iPhone 6S with Anatomy of Pug CaseQuens1/25/2017 2:24:00 PM
Lostiphone 6 plusManhattan1/25/2017 3:56:00 AM
LostGreen obey bag with laptop insideBrooklyn1/24/2017 7:56:00 AM
LostLost iPhone 6S (Rose Gold)Manhattan1/24/2017 7:21:00 AM
LostCredit card - Lisa Grue-sørensenManhattan1/23/2017 4:41:00 PM
LostNikon Camera (D5500)Manhattan1/23/2017 2:13:00 PM
LostRose gold walletManhattan1/22/2017 6:03:00 PM
LostiPhone 6Manhattan1/22/2017 4:25:00 PM
LostWomen's black peacoatManhattan1/22/2017 7:38:00 AM
LostSamsung s7 edgeManhattan1/22/2017 7:26:00 AM
LostCELL PHONE Manhattan1/22/2017 4:11:00 AM
LostPhoneManhattan1/21/2017 9:18:00 PM
LostkjhgManhattan1/21/2017 12:52:00 PM
LostBlack duffle bag with rhinestonesManhattan1/21/2017 9:53:00 AM
LostBack pack, Obey BrandManhattan1/21/2017 8:51:00 AM
LostCell phoneManhattan1/21/2017 6:52:00 AM
LostDrivers licenseManhattan1/20/2017 8:16:00 PM
LostKeysManhattan1/20/2017 7:33:00 PM
LostPlaid WalletBrooklyn1/20/2017 2:02:00 PM
LostiPad Pro, black case (SPECK label), brown hatManhattan1/20/2017 6:24:00 AM
LostLaptopQuens1/19/2017 11:24:00 PM
LostiPhoneManhattan1/19/2017 7:25:00 PM
LostSmall white suitcase/green bag/black light stand bagManhattan1/19/2017 2:06:00 PM
LostPatagonia backpxk Manhattan1/19/2017 7:49:00 AM
Lostgrey coatManhattan1/19/2017 6:38:00 AM
LostBlack wallet Manhattan1/18/2017 5:46:00 PM
LostMotorola SmartphoneManhattan1/18/2017 5:36:00 PM
LostBlackberry Z10 touchscreen phone (T-Mobile)Manhattan1/17/2017 3:02:00 PM